Internet by air: Google/Alphabet prefer balloons and kills its drones 5G

Alphabet chose the Loon balloons over Solar Project Wing drones. A much financial technological choice for a company that wants to streamline its long-term projects to the maximum. At the risk of killing his dreams?

The balloons rather than drones: Alphabet, the mother house of Google, has decided to put an end to his project of internet connectivity through solar drones, as reported by Business Insider. Competitor of the Aquila project of Facebook, Project Wing was based on a network of solarpowered drones. With goal is to provide internet access in remote areas for which the fixed infrastructure investments are impossible.

Based on the purchase of Titan Aerospace in 2014, the program was part of Google’s “X” division (now Alphabet so), a laboratory of innovation working on ambitious projects in the long term, “Moonshots“. But in addition to the direct competition and some difficulties the Aquila of Facebook project, sudden Wing competition internally of the Loon project that does the same thing but through stratospheric balloons. A project already very advanced, which has gone through many improvements and success and makes a deployment in Indonesia, a country fragmented into thousands of Islands.

Alphabet has removed the least advanced of the two projects. If this choice is not motivated by losing money Alphabet has made almost 20 billion dollars profit in 2016 yet his motives are good financial. The large group, Ruth Porat, received order to down the teams of the different divisions of Google, including that of Google X, who has spent.

Wings is far from the first project to make the expenses of this rationalization of Alphabet activities: in addition to being sold from the redemption of Boston Dynamics robots, Alphabet has been suspended activities of deployment of fiber optics and could also sell its satellite division.

This shift in strategy is important because it proves that Google has indeed become a normal business. The question is whether Alphabet will keep the breath of creativity which has helped a start-up named Google to become, in less than 10 years, the staple of our digital lives in a few years.

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    That’s really shrdew! Good to see the logic set out so well.

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    I like it when folks get together and share ideas. Great website, stick
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