Huawei MateBook, the first hybrid tablet with Windows 10 from Huawei

Huawei MateBook is the first hybrid tablet from Huawei with Windows 10. They have recently presented during a press conference held on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress 2016.


Failing its Phablet P9 – successor P8  – that many expected, Huawei has devoted most of his talk at the presentation of  MateBook , a hybrid tablet designed to be an alternative to laptops. Offering a choice between Windows 10 Home or Pro, it is cut to line up facing the Surface Pro 4 or the iPad Pro against which there is no lack of argument.

A 12-inch screen and a finesse design

Huawei MateBook sports a qHD IPS screen of 12 inches, with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. The latter occupies 84% of the front surface.


With its 6.9 mm thick, the MateBook is as thin as the iPad Pro, but its weight of 640 grams makes it a lighter tablet compared to the latter and the Surface Pro 4. The thin edges of MateBook that are 10 mm around the screen and its monocoque chassis while metal impart a Premium air.

Processor and other components of the data sheet

The animation of Huawei Matebook based on the latest generation of the Inter Core processors M(M3, M5 and M7). It offers the choice of a RAM of 4GB and 8GB SSD and storage ranging from 128 to 512 GB. The device unfortunately bears no SD or microSD slot.


Huawei MateBook also has a fingerprint sensor located on the side (superb!!), a rare feature for device type. This sensor will add an additional layer of security for everything authentication management. The tablet has a 4430 mAh battery with autonomy announced 10 hours. It charges via USB port type C of the unit.

The accessories with Huawei MateBook


Huawei MateBook has a keyboard cover sold separately to 149 €. The latter allows to completely cover the tablet and also windy as resistant to splashes. The other accessory put forward is a baptized MatePen stylus that has a laser to interact prior to the remote screen with the tablet, for example, to scroll through slides in a PowerPoint presentation. This pen has a battery that should not require an hour of charge per month only.

Availability and price

Like any professional hybrid tablet, the Huawei MateBook is offered at substantial prices ranging from 799 euros to 1799 euros depending on configurations.

huaei-matebook price

The availability date is not against not specified, but the tablet is expected soon to come on the market.

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